Don’t just take our word for it, below are some testimonials from our current clients.

Over the course of 3 months with the support and goals set by Laing Accounting & Business Solutions (LABS) I managed to triple my business and together we identified and worked with strengths and weaknesses which became a big player in my business’s success. If you’re looking to improve your business I’d highly recommend you let LABS devise a strategy to overcome current problems and guide you towards business success.

Michael Stone, MSF

I have known Andrew (from Laing Accounting & Business Solutions) for quite sometime now and if you do truly know him, then you know that he brings a lot of care to his friends and this correlates straight over to his business. The amount of conversations that I have had with Andrew that have made me more aware of my current situation and have shot me forward in business, I have honestly lost count. I would recommend them highly for all your accounting needs and business advisory.

Bailey Ambrum, BDA Fitness

After procrastinating to find someone to help me with my books, I saw Andrew’s (from Laing Accounting & Business Solutions) ad on Facebook and contacted him, and I am so glad I did. He has taken a weight off my shoulders. He is professional, supportive and nothing is too difficult for him. Not being a numbers person, he has helped me get my books and business back in order again. With everything from simple data entry to budgets, targets and goal setting. I cannot thank him enough.

Stacey Price, It’s a Brow Thing

I have been working with Andrew now for 6 months. We run a small business and he has taken over all of the accounts, payroll and invoicing. I have saved hours and hours outsourcing these tasks and have been able to put that time into building our business which is now turning over 750K a year. He has also provided valuable financial advice which has helped make us more profitable and plan. I would highly recommend Andrew to any small business.

Kitty Blomfield, Nustrength

I first engaged with Laing Accounting and Business Solutions (LABS) last year to fix the mess of previous business years tax returns, and since then LABS has been a life saver for myself and my business. LABS has been a valuable asset to my business, creating personalised systems, targets and guidelines, providing a solution for accounting and booking keeping, so I can focus my time and energy on what my business does best. Andrew is always friendly and approachable about anything business related, and genuinely cares about the progress and success of your business. I highly recommend LABS to any business owner looking for accounting and book keeping requirements.

Jess Boyd, Optimum Strength Therapy

Why do I choose Andrew (from Laing Accounting & Business Solutions) to look after my income? The simple answer is that he saves me at least 3 hours a week by not having to do my transfers, invoices, tax etc. all that fun s**t. But in more detail he saves me money & the most importantly HE IS TRUSTWORTHY. When someone is handling you finances you need to know that they know what the f**k they are doing

Jack Delaney, HQ Coaching