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Mergers require a complex blend of accounting and legal knowledge.

Our team has several years of experience overseeing mergers and we can advise you on if a merger is the right option for your business and help you to carry it out correctly if so. For instance, in some situations a merger is preferable to an acquisition for business valuation and borrowing, but many local accountants lack the specialist experience to advise you correctly.

We’ll inform you on the tax implications, the required structure, how to protect your business from avoidable risks and how to ensure the merged entity is set up to succeed. We notice the finer details that less experienced accountants miss to ensure your merged entity delivers on its promise.

  • Make the right decision on your proposed merger
  • Ensure your merger is carried out successfully
  • Due diligence on proposed companies for the merger
  • Explanation of all risks and methods to address them
  • Close collaboration with our legal experts to deliver comprehensive, high quality advice

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