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If you are a Registered Training Organisation, you already know that navigating the finances of an RTO and financial requirements for ASQA are a nightmare.

Well we have good news! We know all about it and can help you shoulder that burden. Prior to starting Laing Accounting, our director, Andrew Laing worked as a Business Analyst in an RTO and used that experience to start advising others. Not many, if any other accountants understand the industry quite like we do. So, don’t risk another firm. They typically misunderstand the finances and treatment of GST.

We thoroughly understand RTO accounting and finance and can support your internal accounting lead as a CFO.

As ASIC registered accountants, we are also able to complete the ASQA financial viability testing you need to secure and maintain your RTO status. We help you to understand your financial viability, make changes if required and efficiently complete this essential part of the registration process.

  • Have the peace of mind of having a team of professionals who know and understand the business landscape RTOs face
  • Unparalleled knowledge in the inner workings of finance in the world of RTOs
  • Assistance in understanding inflows and outflows of cash, tax consequences and reporting
  • Expertise in the Financial Viability Tool

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